Institute’s library has been catering to the needs of the scientists and staff. Apart from the institute’s staff, library is being used by the JRF, SRF, short term trainees, summer trainees, Ph.D students. Library provides the services like Lending, References Services, Xerox Service, and Science Citation Analysis Service from NISCAIR. Institutional library has a rich book-bank covering diverse subject. During the current financial year library accumulated more than 43 books in the field of Oncology, Cyto-pathology, Oral Cancer, Bioinformatics,Genetics, Molecular Biology, Gynecology, and Statistics making the total collection to 1450 and total holdings of the bound volumes about 3500. It is recommended subscribe 25 reputed journals online for the year 2017 (Includes the International, National and Newspapers) Council as extended the online access to Nature, Lancet, Science and New England Journal of Medicine for the year 2017.

The modern furniture’s and fixtures like individual reading desks and journal display racks have been installed to serve the library users more effectively. In the process of modernization, library introduced the free/open access to internet service to its users by installing computer in the library. Few more computers are in the pipeline for the purchase to function as information centre.

NICPR is linked with ICMR’s JCCC which links various libraries across all the ICMR institutes and provides access to printed- and hard-copies of over 500 journals being subscribed by the ICMR.

Journals access provided by ICMR:

Journals proposed to subscribe in online form by NICPR for the year 2017

  • Am. J Epidemiology
  • Bioinformatics (P+Online)
  • Int. J Cancer
  • J Cytology
  • JNCI
  • Nature Review Cancer
  • Lancet Oncology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Weekly Epidemiological Records
  • Acta Cytologica
  • Bulletin of WHO
  • Cancer +Cancer Cytopathlogy
  • Cancer Research (including Clinical Cancer Research)
  • Cytopathology
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Lancet Oncology

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